***IMPORTANT*** Please note that there will be no shipping on October 24th due to logistics issues and the aquatic plants orders placed during the week of October 15th to October 22nd will get shipped on October 31st. Please do visit this link before placing the order, and note that currently we are not providing refund/replacement for DOA.
Eichhornia azurea
Eichhornia azurea
Eichhornia azurea
Eichhornia azurea

Eichhornia azurea

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Common Name - Giant Azurea, for more details please read the data sheet below.


We ship aquatic plants weekly once on every Tuesday or by Wednesday for confirmed orders placed on or before the previous Sunday evening. Orders placed after Sunday evening will not be included in the immediate Tuesday but the following Tuesday.

Please note plants pictures shown on the website are of submerged growth in an aquarium however plants that we send could be grown submerged or emersed depending upon variety and hence leaf and stem appearance may vary. For example rotala rotundifolia is round and broad leaved when grown emersed, but in an aquarium in submerged condition it will be narrow and longer, the red leaved plants may need few adjustments and experiments with lighting, iron and co2 dosing for the red coloration to come, else it may remain green in the aquarium.

Availability of a certain plant may change at the shipping time due to non availability at the last minute in the farm, accordingly we will notify via email and a refund/replacement will be issued as agreeable mutually.

Tolerance of aquatic plants during transit may vary depending on plant type, weather condition, transit time etc. We usually provide replacement for plants in case of any significant melting/decaying issue if informed to us via email on the same day of delivery with photo evidence, however the same is not applicable for locations with transit time of more than 96 hours. It’s advisable that you check with your local courier offices for usual transit time from Bangalore for priority service. Tracking details of the consignment is sent on email on shipped date, late in the night to be precise. Though courier service we send is a priority service and its door to door delivery, it’s still advisable to track and pick your shipment from the local office/warehouse if nearby instead of waiting for them to deliver to reduce transit time and unnecessary delay. Contact details of courier service are sent via email which will have the shipping details.

After receiving the consignment, we also recommend to float the plants for a day or two in the aquarium with good lighting, soft water, adequate co2 and liquid fertilizer. This acclimatizes and revives the plants from the transit stress. Preferably planting should be done post that.

Do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone if you have any query!

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