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Controsoil Black 10L, 2mm grain
Controsoil Black 10L, 2mm grain

Controsoil Black 10L, 2mm grain

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One of the best known nutrient rich substrate for planted tanks.


CONTROSOIL™ is a multi-purpose soil that is volcanic in origin. It lightly acidifies and softens aquarium water to create an environment conducive to fishes, invertebrates (including shrimp), and plants that must be maintained in these conditions (e.g. aquatic organisms originating in tropical rainforest habitats). Its a complete substrate, addititives such as JBL florapol can be used to further increase the nutrient life of the substrate.

The shape and size of the substrate Controsoil encourages the strong root development of aquatic plants; additionally, the substrate Controsoil is quickly colonized by beneficial microorganisms that improve overall water quality. Controsoil will not disintegrate or cloud aquarium water; it helps to clarify water and also removes impurities. Controsoil may be used as a bottom substrate in all freshwater aquaria, not just those housing plants.Controsoil is made in Japan. 

"Controsoil™" controls COD at low levels and it prevents from algae growth. COD is an eutrophication (algae bloom) index of lakes or ponds. "Controsoil" is able to maintain COD at low levels and provides the best water condition.

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